Job Name: Heights of Woodstock
Location: Woodstock, GA
Scope of Work: Segmental Retaining Walls, Welded Wire Form Walls
Date Completed: In progress
Wall Contractor: RWS
Materials: ERS Welded Wire Form, ERS Geogrids, ERS Non Woven Filter Fabric, and STF P-11.

Another great project showcasing some of the unusual conditions we face; typically on different sites though. To best balance areas of the site we designed fill walls that run right up to cut walls in the same line to maximize the property and to minimize the required grading. We designed the reinforced soil zone in one area around an existing mass of PWS. We designed walls to support stairways, which the grid sections run under the stairway and into the reinforced zone of the opposite wall. We met the challenges of a steep grade with a multi-step leveling pad to match the grade and minimize the overall square footage of wall required. Last, we employed hot dip galvanized welded wire forms in the pond to meet the challenge of the slope design above while providing the required volume for the detention pond.

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