Job Name: High Pointe
Location: Cumming, GA
Scope of Work: 2 Segmental Retaining Walls, 2 Welded Wire Form Walls
Materials: Anchor Diamond Pro, ERS Welded Wire Form, ERS 2,3,5 and 8 Geogrids, ERS Non Woven Filter Fabric, and STF P-11.

ERS proudly designed 4 retaining walls totaling close to 3,000 linear feet of wall for a new residential development, High Pointe View, in Cumming, Georgia. This project was composed of 4 walls; 2 Segmental Retaining Walls and 2 Welded Wire Form Walls totaling over 80,000 square feet. ERS provided roughly 300,000 square yards of reinforcement material for a cost effective solution.

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