T2669 SR 15 Over Dunns Creek

Project Details

Job Name: T2669 SR 15 Over Dunns Creek
Location: Putnam County, Florida
Scope of Work: Black Steel Basket
Date Completed: 2018
Contractor: GLF Construction Corp.
Materials: Black Steel WWF and STF-P11, SF-80 Geogrid

ERS was contacted by GLF during the bidding process to review soil reports and propose a cost saving solution for installing piles and bridge beams. The design team determined the soil would not support the crane and building materials. A temporary platform consisting of two types of geogrid and black steel baskets was proposed and accepted as a reasonable and cost effective solution. ERS was contracted to design a temporary support platform to provide a stable base for the massive Manitowoc 888. The platform was necessary to provide access to the work area during construction of the new bridge over Dunns Creek in Putnam County, Florida. Currently the platform is still being utilized, and is expected to be removed by the end of 2019.