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We operate under the philosophy that every project we are involved in will be met with the same passion, enthusiasm and professionalism. As consummate professionals in the wall design and construction industry, we are capable of performing from feasibility studies through finished construction. With our Professional Engineering Licensure in 29 states, no project is out of our reach.


ERS offers a wide range of wall systems, expert earth retention solutions, and geotechnical applications. We provide a variety of Evaluation & Training services to address safety, best practices of construction, and project evaluations.

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Wall Systems


Segmental Retaining Walls are a cost effective solution for grade separation, while offering pleasing aesthetics.


Reinforced Soil Slopes can be a cost effective solution to traditional retaining walls when enough space is available for a larger footprint.


Wire Basket Walls can be utilized in many different applications such as temporary MSE structures, or can be an alternate to traditional retaining walls when differential settlement is expected in the foundation soils.


Sheet Pile Walls are a great solution when working with limited space.


Big Block Walls are another great option when space is limited on a site. Offering pleasing aesthetics while utilizing a gravity design for earth retention.


Helical Anchors can be a great alternative to Soil Anchors. Typically less expensive and installation is faster. They can also be used for Ground Improvement when soft soils are encountered.


Alternatively labeled as poured-in-place, cast-in-place concrete is a technique that creates a concrete structure in the final location of the build. A framework is designed per engineering specifications and concrete is both poured and cured in its permanent destination.


Gabion Walls are designed so as not to require any soil reinforcement, utilizing the weight of the system to support the soil. Consisting of wire baskets filled with stone for temporary or permanent construction.


Soldier Pile walls are ideal for sites that are not conducive to excavation for geogrid walls, cantilever walls and other retention techniques.


Our team can design the proper system to assist in excavation when space is tight.


Utilizing different strengths of geogrid we can design a load transfer platform to bridge over soft soils.

Evaluation & Training


Our on-site staff are there for you from the beginning of your project to the final completion to ensure the best quality projects, every time.


We continually seek further training for industry standards and new construction techniques so that we can excel in both safety & innovation.

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