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These products perform a multi-faceted role by providing protection from water during and after construction. Used for everything from landscaping projects to managing subsurface water around building foundations, these products create a “path of least resistance” to direct water away from the wall or steep slope. Click on the links below to learn more about these water management products.

Managing Water

Successful earth retention projects are built with water management in mind. Whether its permanent water on the site, incidental water during construction or solutions for Mother Nature’s surprises, Earth Retention, LLC has the drainpipe and drainage composite materials you need.

Drainage Pipe

Drainage Composites

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Geotechnical fabrics are typically defined as any permeable textile material used to increase soil stability, provide erosion control or aid in drainage. Usually made from a synthetic polymer such as polypropylene, polyester, and polyethylene which are woven, knitted or non-woven. The variety in materials and manufacturing processes provide an assortment of geotextiles suitable for a wide variety of civil construction applications.


Our fabrics are manufactured using polypropylene fibers that are formed into a dimensionally stable network, which allows the fibers to maintain their relative position. They resist ultraviolet deterioration, rotting, and biological degradation and is inert to commonly encountered soil chemicals. Made in American and available in a variety of strengths and sizes.

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Welded Wire Forms (also called Wire “Baskets”) are used for a variety of project solutions. These materials are typically used to construct the rigid facing of temporary MSE structures or within wetlands, ponds, or other areas where the earth structures have a higher risk of settlement while blending into the landscape.

Welded Wire forms, or “Wire baskets” are used in many different applications such as temporary MSE structures, wetlands, ponds, and areas where the earth structure needs to blend well into the landscape They are more cost effective than cast in place walls, designed to shift and settle without compromise, and offer a time savings in installation vs. other retained earth systems They are an alternate solution to traditional retaining walls when differential settlement is expected in the foundation soils.

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Geogrids are geosynthetic materials used in earth retention projects and is typically composed of high molecular weight, high tenacity multi-filament polyester yarns that are woven into a stable network placed under tension. Geogrids are typically used for soil reinforcement applications such as retaining walls, steepened slopes, embankments, subgrade stabilization, embankments over soft soils, and waste containment applications.

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We provide the best possible outcome for your projects and strive to make every process run more smoothly, which equates to savings of time expense for our clients. We continually provide training to all our employees in the field, from safety to new construction techniques, so that we provide optimal levels of safety and innovation.

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